NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Cowboys rise, Seahawks sink

The Dallas Cowboys look like contenders in the NFC, while the Seattle Seahawks are likely finished after Russell Wilson’s injury.

Jacksonville Jaguars
0-5 LW: 32

A 20-game losing streak. Very impressive.

Houston Texans
1-4 LW: 31

The Texans did a nice job blowing their second-half lead. Almost impressive.

Detroit Lions
0-5 LW: 30

The Lions find so hard. Love Dan Campbell. He’s the answer in Detroit.

New York Jets
1-4 LW: 29

If the Jets don’t get real support for Zach Wilson, this could be a disaster.

New York Giants
1-4 LW: 28

Those injures are brutal.

Miami Dolphins
1-4 LW: 25

The Dolphins were supposed to be a threat this year. Not looking like one.

Atlanta Falcons
2-3 LW: 27

Atlanta is 2-3 and yet feels like an 0-5 team. Just not good.

Indianapolis Colts
1-4 LW: 22

Nobody has played a harder schedule. Can the Colts make hay against a weaker slate?

Washington Football Team
2-3 LW: 20

The offense is bad, the defense is a huge disappointment, and it equals 2-3.

Seattle Seahawks
2-3 LW: 12

No Russell Wilson, no chance.

Philadelphia Eagles
2-3 LW: 26

The Eagle showed a ton of fight on Sunday. A huge win against a good Panthers team.

Denver Broncos
3-2 LW: 15

Life isn’t as fun when you aren’t playing the Jags, Jets and Giants.

Pittsburgh Steelers
2-3 LW: 24

Losing JuJu Smith-Schuster is a big blow for an offense with precious little talent.

Minnesota Vikings
2-3 LW: 23

This felt like a loss. The Vikings just can’t get out of their own way.

Cincinnati Bengals
3-2 LW: 27

Mason Crosby missed three field goals and an extra point. The Bengals needed to win that game.

New England Patriots
2-3 LW: 19

Another team who won but it felt like a loss. New England is average at best.

Carolina Panthers
3-2 LW: 16

Have to win this week against the Vikings. Can’t let the snowball get out of hand.

Chicago Bears
3-2 LW: 21

Everyone has crapped on the Bears all year, and they’re playing for first place this weekend.

San Francisco 49ers
2-3 LW: 13

Trey Lance didn’t look ready, but the potential is there. The defense also stepped up.

New Orleans Saints
3-2 LW: 18

Jameis Winston remains mediocre at best, but the defense made enough plays to win.

Tennessee Titans
3-2 LW: 14

Tennessee has been impossible to figure. Next up, the Bills and Chiefs at home.

Kansas City Chiefs
2-3 LW: 10

Patrick Mahomes was dreadful, the defense invisible, and now the Chiefs have a real uphill climb.

Las Vegas Raiders
3-2 LW: 9

Are the Raiders going through a hiccup or simply crashing to earth?

Cleveland Browns
3-2 LW: 6

Can’t score 42 points and lose. And yet the Browns did just that.

Dallas Cowboys
4-1 LW: 11

Dallas is a real contender. The defense is much better and the offense is a juggernaut.

Los Angeles Chargers
4-1 LW: 8

The Chargers should win the West. They’re the most complete team by a wide margin.

Baltimore Ravens
4-1 LW: 7

Baltimore has overcome its injuries, and Lamar Jackson is back to being an MVP-level player.

Los Angeles Rams
4-1 LW: 5

It’s a two-horse race in the NFC West, and the Rams are firmly in the mix.

Green Bay Packers
4-1 LW: 4

Green Bay’s defense is usually a mess, but the offense is covering for sins. And on Sunday, the defense stepped up when needed.

Arizona Cardinals
5-0 LW: 3

The only unbeaten in football. Kyler Murray is the MVP through five weeks.

Buffalo Bills
4-1 LW: 2

The best offense and defense by statistics. Buffalo announced itself as the favorite on Sunday in the AFC.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4-1 LW: 1

Still dominant. The Bucs are the best team when at full strength.