Bruce Arians is getting trolled for his TNF sideline outfit

Bruce Arians is getting trolled for his TNF sideline outfit. 

Fans spent more time poking fun of Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Bruce Arians, than actually watching the Thursday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Specifically, social media users pointed out the device that Arians was wearing around his chest.

Bruce Arians wears radio belt around his shoulder for a specific reason

Many Twitter users shared plenty of memes about Arians adorning the electronic box around his chest. However, that is the regular radio belt that NFL coaches use, and Arians wears it over his shoulder for a very specific reason.

During an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show last November, Arians said that he has to wear the belt so tight, that it sticks a nerve in his leg when he puts it around his waist. So, he decided to wear it over his shoulder and tight around his chest, and he has not had that nerve issue.

That, and Arians jokingly called it a “fashion statement.” You can listen to Arians’ full explanation in the link above.

In case you were curious as to why the Buccaneers head coach wore that device around his chest, now you know.