Ben Simmons suspended: 76ers fans react on Twitter

Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images
Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images /

With the news that Ben Simmons has been suspended for a game by Philadelphia, 76ers fans are going after him on social media. 

It’s simply been a wild couple of days for the Philadelphia 76ers in terms of the drama with Ben Simmons. Not only has he acted like he would rather be anywhere else on the planet than practice, but he’s upset Doc Rivers as well.

Things finally boiled over with Rivers kicking him out of practice on Tuesday. For 76ers fans, they’re sick and tired of this behavior from Simmons. Folks are hoping that the team can trade him once and for all and move forward with the season without him.

Philadelphia 76ers supporters are furious with Ben Simmons

When taking a look at Twitter, the common theme is that folks in the City of Brotherly Love want nothing to do with Simmons right now. It’d be one thing if he was at least trying to be a team player, but it’s clear that Simmons could care less about that.

This entire Simmons situation has become a total mess and it has people incredibly disappointed. Ever since Philadelphia was eliminated from the postseason last year, and Simmons was called out for not going for an easy lay-up in the loss to the Hawks, the relationship between player and team has gone south.

Simmons does not want to continue being a 76er. At the same time, the team isn’t going to just trade him away for peanuts. He’s still a talented player and the organization can’t send him elsewhere without receiving a great return. Unfortunately for folks in Philadelphia, it doesn’t look like this situation is going to get resolved any time soon.

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