Florida-Georgia rivalry: World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party history

Kyle Pitts, Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]
Kyle Pitts, Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent] /

The Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs have one of the most celebrated rivalries in college football, unofficially known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

The rivalry existing between the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs is unlike any other in college football, affectionately known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

While both schools have tried to distance themselves from the rivalry’s former name, take one late October trip down to Jacksonville and you will understand why it is called that. It is a neutral-site game that usually decides who wins the SEC East. Neither school can agree on what to call the rivalry (Florida-Georgia or Georgia-Florida), as well as the all-time record in the rivalry series.

In addition to the annual neutral-site affair taking place along the Banks of the St. Johns in Duval County, here is some information worth knowing heading into the next installment of the Cocktail Party.

Florida-Georgia rivalry: First meeting

This is up for debate between the universities. Georgia cites the first game in this rivalry series coming by way of a 52-0 victory over Florida in 1904. However, Florida disputes this game because that University of Florida was not connected to the modern institution in place in Gainesville. They say the rivalry officially began when they met in Jacksonville in 1915.

Florida-Georgia rivalry: Latest meeting

These two teams have met annually since 1926 with the exception of 1943 when the Gators did not field a team during the middle of World War II. With this series being very competitive for the better part of the last two decades, Florida won the most recent game over Georgia. The No. 8 Gators beat the No. 5 Bulldogs 44-28 in Jacksonville, Florida on Nov. 7, 2020.

Florida-Georgia rivalry: Rivalry trophy

Historically, the Gators and the Dawgs had not played for a trophy. That all changed in 2009 with the introduction of the Okefenokee Oar. It is a 10-foot wooden oar donated by the University of Florida that has carvings on either side representing both rival schools. The oar was made from a 1,000-year-old cypress tree that grew in the Okefenokee Swamp that straddles the states’ border.

Florida-Georgia rivalry: Meeting totals

On the Georgia side of things, the Dawgs say they have played the Gators 99 times in this rivalry series. Per Florida, the Gators have only played the Dawgs 98 times in this annual division game.

Florida-Georgia rivalry: All-time series record

Though it is undisputed that Georgia has the all-time series lead in the rivalry, neither school can agree on the score. The Dawgs believe they hold a 53-44-2 all-time lead over the Gators, while Florida believes that mark is only 52-44-2. Again, this all goes back to the game played in 1904.

Florida-Georgia rivalry: Longest winning streak

Though this series has been more competitive in the last decade or so, both the Gators and the Dawgs have lengthy winning streaks over the opposition. Florida had a seven-game streak over the Dawgs during the peak Steve Spurrier days from 1990-1996. Georgia claims two seven-game winning streaks, which includes an era of domination during the 1940s from 1941-1948.

If the Dawgs take care of the Gators on Saturday, they will almost certainly be heading to Atlanta.

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