Texans show incompetence in refusing to trade Brandin Cooks, Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

Next week’s NFL Trade Deadline is fast approaching but the Texans seem incapable of making a big trade to improve their future prospects. 

Rational NFL front offices whose teams sport 1-6 records heading into Week 8 are looking to do everything they can to flip veterans for future draft compensation ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline. No one should confuse the Texans for having a front office that can be classified as rational.

Instead, Houston appears prepared to hang on to both Deshaun Watson and Brandin Cooks. Both players could net the Texans serious draft compensation to kickstart the team’s rebuild, but at the moment, general manager Nick Caserio doesn’t seem to be ready to make a deal.

The idea of not dealing Watson seems to be based upon the idea that better offers could stream in for the embattled quarterback after the regular season. That idea hinges on clarification regarding Watson’s troublesome off-the-field issues.

The Texans look ridiculous for not trading Brandin Cooks, Deshaun Watson

That’s too big of a gamble for the Texans to take. They need to turn the page as a franchise from Watson as soon as possible. If they can get a single first-round pick plus an additional high-profile asset they should jump at the chance to wash their hands of Watson. That type of offer will almost assuredly be out there for Houston ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline.

The team’s stance on Cooks is even more confounding. He’s a productive 28-year-old wide receiver for a Texans team that has no chance of going anywhere this season. He’s exactly the sort of veteran Houston should be looking to offload.

Instead, Caserio and the team’s front office reportedly believe Cooks is the sort of player they want to build their roster around. The chances of him still being a high-quality starter by the time Houston’s ready for playoff contention are slim, at best.

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Add it up and this is clear evidence of front office malpractice by the Texans. There’s still a chance for Caserio and company to make the right moves before the trade deadline arrives, but Houston fans have every right to be concerned.