Alex Bregman changed his hair and everyone is losing their minds

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman debuted bleach blonde hair on social media, and Twitter is already drawing *NSYNC comparisons. 

Alex Bregman is a ’90s kid, so it’s possible that at one point, he dreamed of the bleach-blonde streaks popularized by boy bands in the late ’90s.

Giving it a 2021 twist, A-Breg decided to go all out on the peroxide as he dyed his dark brown curls ash blonde this week.

Alex Bregman shows off Justin Timberlake curls on social media

The most obvious celebrity comparison is a 2000 Justin Timberlake, where he flashed the same look in the iconic “Bye Bye Bye” music video.

While some loved the bold new look, for others, it was further indication that Bregman is a showy player seeking attention.

It doesn’t help that Bregman plays for the Astros, which is still considered by many MLB fans to be a despicable franchise due to their sign-stealing scandal.

For Braves fans, the easy joke was right there: Bregman is just copying Braves outfielder Joc Pederson, who is famous for his own bleach-blonde locks.

His team also defeated Bregman’s in the World Series.

Fandoms aside, perhaps bitter baseball fans are primarily found on Twitter. On Instagram, Bregman’s original post, which is dedicated to his wife Reagan, received over 33,000 likes.


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Like any big name in the MLB, bold style choices are always divisive, although the consensus indicates that baseball fans love Bregman’s hair more than they hate it.

Whether he’s channeling a young JT, copying JP or doing his own thing, Bregman is turning heads in the offseason as he recovers from wrist surgery and preps for the 2022 season. Hours after showing off his new look, Bregman was already hitting the gym and getting in shape for Spring Training.