Auburn football fans are ready to fire Bryan Harsin after blowing Iron Bowl

Auburn football fans have been frustrated with their head coach all season, but now many want him gone after Bryan Harsin lost his first Iron Bowl.

When Bryan Harsin was hired to lead the Auburn football program, many scratched their heads as he seemed like an odd fit for the Auburn Tigers. But, Auburn’s coaching search was winding and weird and complicated due to multiple factors, so an odd fit was better than no head coach at all.

Throughout the season, many Auburn fans wanted Harsin fired as the Tigers failed at various moments.

Auburn had a multitude of ups and downs along the way in Harsin’s first season, and there’s a strong argument to be made that Harsin underachieved considerably with the Tigers this year. It’s pretty clear he underachieved in his first Iron Bowl.

In a game that he could have decided with a two point conversion, Harsin elected to continue on with the back-an-forth nature of overtime, attempting to outlast Alabama’s electric offense with an undermanned Auburn team.

The Tigers couldn’t do that. The momentum was in the Crimson Tide’s favor. And Alabama won. Now, Auburn will make a bowl game, but the Tigers are 6-6.

Auburn fans aren’t thrilled.

2021 Iron Bowl: Auburn football fans are incensed after Bryan Harsin and the Tigers lost the Iron Bowl

Many Auburn fans want Harsin gone as soon as possible. They’re already ready to move on to another head coaching search if it means getting rid of a coach following his first season with the team.

That’s a tough situation.

Obviously, it’s not ideal for Auburn to fire Harsin. Between contract buyouts and the ugly stigma that comes with firing a generally successful coach after his first season with the team, it’s a hard thing to do.

But many Auburn fans have high expectations. Harsin’s questionable decision making makes it real easy for frustration fans to question him as a head coach.

So, why not hope for Washington to be interested in Harsin? That’d probably be a better fit for everyone involved.

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