Knicks fans wrote in ‘Bing Bong’ as their choice for NYC mayor

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Knicks fans have their rally cry for the 2021-22 season but some fans are looking to take ‘Bing Bong’ to the political arena next. 

The New York Knicks have remained a frustrating team for fans in the 2021-22 season. But without a doubt, they are relevant in the Eastern Conference, which is a good thing for the rest of the NBA and fans.

And because they are winning games and competing, that means Knicks fans are out in full effect, which is even better for the league and any fan of the league that likes things to get a little wild. Case in point has been the New York fanbase’s rally cry “Bing Bong” and the life of its own that its taken on throughout the year.

How much of a life has it taken on?

Well, multiple Knicks fans were so enamored with “Bing Bong” that, as New York City held its mayoral election, they wrote in the two-word phrase as their vote.

Sadly, Knicks fans won’t have ‘Bing Bong’ as their mayor

Sure, it was only two votes — but that’s still more than quite a lot of write-in votes got during the NYC election.

Sadly, the pair of fans voting for “Bing Bong” wasn’t enough for the rallying cry to win the election — perhaps the prhase should’ve campaigned better throughout October.

However, this wholly goes to show why the Knicks being in the NBA spectrum and their fans having something to care about is so good for the league. You quite literally never know what you’re going to get as a result of it, but you can almost always count on it being entertaining.

And while we’re at it: Bing Bong 2024.

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