Jimbo Fisher turned down a godfather offer from LSU to stay with Texas A&M

Jimbo Fisher turned down an absurd amount of money from LSU to stick with Texas A&M.

Apparently, no amount of money was going to get Jimbo Fisher to leave Texas A&M for LSU.

The Aggies head coach continues to crush it on the recruiting trails. While Texas A&M went 8-4 this year, including a bad loss to SEC West rival LSU, Fisher did become the first former Nick Saban assistant to beat his mentor. Though LSU athletic director Scott Woodward was the one to bring Fisher to College Station from Tallahassee, check out the reported godfather offer he turned down.

Fisher is handsomely paid, but turning down an eight-year, $125 million deal is a bold move.

Jimbo Fisher reportedly turned down $13 million annually to go lead LSU

While LSU made a phenomenal hire in prying Brian Kelly away from Notre Dame, Fisher still coaches in-division. Though Alabama will remain the preeminent dynasty in college football for as long as Nick Saban is at the helm, Texas A&M is a prime candidate to take over the division once Saban retires so long as Fisher remains in charge. Texas A&M is dripping in talent and resources.

What this all signifies is there is no clear heir apparent in the SEC West once Alabama inevitably regresses after Saban calls it a career. With Fisher and Kelly now in the same division, there will be no dynasty in that side of the SEC landscape. While expansion will have happened before Saban retires and the pod system could be adopted, LSU did not do enough to crush a rival team’s spirit.

With Kelly now in Baton Rouge, expect for the rivalry between LSU and Texas A&M to intensify.

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