Luka Doncic proves he’s an MVP off the court

Luka Doncic is a superstar player for the Dallas Mavericks and he’s also made the holiday season incredibly special for kids in need. 

No one will ever be able to argue that Luka Doncic is straight up a good dude. On the hardwood, he shoots lights out for the Dallas Mavericks and is one of the best players in the game. Fans love watching him put on a show on both ends of the floor.

Well, off the court, Doncic is the man as well. According to TMZ Sports, Doncic has sent countless gifts to a children’s hospital in his hometown over in Slovenia. He hooked kids up with LEGOS, headphones, gift cards and more.

Luka Doncic has gone above and beyond to bring joy to young boys and girls

This is nothing short of awesome. If you were looking for a heartwarming story this week, Doncic sure has provided it. While he’s become a true stud in the NBA, Doncic clearly hasn’t forgotten about his roots and where he came from.

“These children are going through so much,” Luka said via TMZ. “I just hope this gives them a little bit of happiness during these difficult times.”

Per TMZ, Doncic also sent each kid a signed autograph. If that weren’t enough, he also sent over some recorded voice messages for the youngsters to listen to. This is an incredible act of kindness from the Mavericks playmaker.

Those kids in the hospital have undoubtedly had their spirits lifted thanks to what Doncic has done. This is what Christmas is all about: going out of your way to provide smiles for people who need it most. Doncic has done so in style. He’s surely gained countless more fans because of this.