Wild Miami OH stat definitely sounds like it’s fake

Miami (Oh) Redhawks running back Keyon Mozee. (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami (Oh) Redhawks running back Keyon Mozee. (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

During the Frisco Football Classic, ESPN revealed an unbelievable stat about Miami OH and the fields they’ve played on over the last decade.

If you weren’t watching the Frisco Football Classic on Thursday afternoon, you missed the nugget of incredible information that got dropped during the first quarter.

Even if you were watching, it might have passed you by.

Fortunately, viewers on Twitter were sure to share the stat that blew minds across the internet: Before Thursday, Miami OH had not played on grass in 11 years!

Has it really been that long since Miami OH played on grass?

That one is utterly mindblowing, especially since it was backed up by the RedHawks’ game notes, which claim the no-grass streak stretched back to Sept 4, 2010 when Miami OH played at Florida. However, people were immediately skeptical.

First of all, it feels like a team would accident their way onto a grass field just by playing a few out-of-conference games each year. Going over a decade without playing on grass seems highly unlikely even if everyone in the MAC plays on turf.

It turns out, that stat doesn’t appear to be true. Folks on Twitter did some digging and found multiple games on grass since 2010.

While their trip to Notre Dame Stadium in 2017 would have taken place on turf, the RedHawks played on grass at Commonwealth Stadium in Kentucky in 2013. The Wildcats transitioned to turf in 2014.

The stat may not be quite as wild as it first seemed, but an eight-year stretch without playing on natural grass is still pretty crazy.

It didn’t cause Miami OH any problems in the Frisco Football Classic. They ran away with a 27-14 victory over North Texas for their first bowl win since 2010. And that stat is definitely true.

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