Chiefs: Media giving Patrick Mahomes even more motivation with bad takes

Some in the NFL media are disrespecting Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes ahead of his matchup with the Bengals.

Prisoner of the moment, ever heard of it? The common phrase is meant to describe recency bias is a more creative fashion, and it’s a perfect way to describe ESPN analyst and former NFL offensive lineman Damien Woody’s take about Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Burrow is an excellent player, don’t get me wrong. He has the potential to be an MVP candidate and run the AFC North for years to come.

But he’s not Patrick Mahomes. Unfortunately for the Bengals, there is only one of those.

Woody broke the internet with his Burrow take on Thursday morning.

‘First Take’ never disappoints.

Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes takes note of his doubters

Even in a down year by his standards, Mahomes is being mentioned in the MVP conversation. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is more than likely to win the award for the second straight year, but you get my point.

Mahomes is so great we take his greatness for granted. In similar fashion to Rodgers and even Tom Brady before him, Mahomes is already being overlooked. The only time we talk about the Chiefs signal-caller is when he’s done something wrong. That’s why he was the subject of conversation earlier this season.

What the hell was wrong with Patrick Mahomes? As it turns out, nothing. Someone forgot to press the on button, in similar fashion to the rest of the Chiefs offense. Suddenly, Kansas City sits atop the AFC, right where they’re supposed to be, with Mahomes leading the way.

Praising Burrow is not a slight at Mahomes by any means. Saying you’d take Burrow over him for the next five years when Mahomes is just 26 years old is undoubtedly a shot.

The Chiefs will send a message. Just you wait.