Watch: Antonio Brown rips shirt off, appears to quit during Bucs offensive play (Video)


Antonio Brown appeared to quit the Buccaneers on Sunday when he ran off the field shirtless in the middle of a play. 

If you thought the Antonio Brown sideshow in Tampa Bay couldn’t get any weirder, then buckle up for what happened on Sunday afternoon in New Jersey.

As the Buccaneers tried to mount a comeback against the Jets — which is somehow not the strangest part of this story — Brown left the field.

Seriously, he just…left. Of course, Brown didn’t leave without making a bizarre show of it.

While the Buccaneers offense was on the field, Brown was seen by FOX cameras running through the endzone toward the tunnel while giving Jets fans the peace sign. This came after he had removed his shoulder pads and tossed his shirt and gloves into the stands.

Antonio Brown quits and leaves field in the middle of a game

It’s as crazy — if not crazier — than it sounds.

It’s unclear what motivated Brown to snap, but it appears he just quit on the Bucs in the middle of an offensive play.

A fan in the stands captured Brown’s meltdown, and it appears that Mike Evans tries to calm him down and change his mind.

Mind you, the Buccaneers were down two touchdowns and a number of offensive weapons at the time Brown decided to seemingly end his playing days with the team. Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette are both on IR and out for the season with injuries, leaving the Buccaneers with Mike Evans and Brown as the top two receivers on the depth chart.

Why did Antonio Brown leave?

There isn’t enough space on the internet to explain the possible reasons why Antonio Brown snapped and quit in the middle of a game. Since it happened during the game, no one with any knowledge of the incident has commented on it, but the likeliest scenario is that Brown wasn’t getting enough looks in a game where the Bucs very clearly needed to kick it into a different offensive gear.

Tampa Bay was trailing 24-10 at the time of Brown’s episode, and he left the field with just three catches for less than 40 yards. It’s possible that his lack of use in the offense was what pushed him over the edge.

Brown is also a game removed from returning from a suspension over providing a fake COVID vaccination card. After his return last week against the Panthers, Brown snapped at questions pertaining to the incident, blaming the media for telling lies about him rather than taking responsibility for his own actions.