Remembering Sam Jones with 10 games that defined his career

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The Over and Back Podcast remembers the life and career of Boston Celtics legend “Mr. Clutch” Sam Jones.

The NBA world lost a great one as Boston Celtics legend Sam Jones passed away.

In this episode of Over and Back, Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch dig into the life and storied career of Sam Jones including why Jones was nicknamed “Mr. Clutch,” Jones’ 10 NBA titles (second only to Bill Russell), making the 25th, 50th and 75th NBA anniversary teams.

We’ll also talk about Jones’ insane 25-2 playoff series record, his penchant for historic Game 7 performances, how he got the nickname “Banksie,” trying to fight Wilt Chamberlain, his improbable journey to the NBA, joining Celtics teammates in standing up to injustice and why he waited so long to make the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Then we do a deep dive into 10 games that defined Sam Jones’ career:

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