Former Browns quarterback backs Baker Mayfield in criticism of Cleveland journalist

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns. (Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports)
Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns. (Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports) /

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield called out Cleveland journalist Mary Kay Cabot for an article claiming he wants a trade.

There’s been reported growing tension between Mayfield — a former No. 1 overall pick out of Oklahoma — and the franchise. This is all per Cabot and others, as Mayfield reportedly isn’t on the same page as Kevin Stefanski.

“Clickbait. You and many other Cleveland local media continue to be drama stirring reporters with no sources or facts. Don’t put words in my mouth so you can put food on your table. I’m not your puppet,” Mayfield tweeted in response to Cabot’s article.

It seems unlikely that the Browns will pick up Mayfield’s fifth-year option, meaning he would enter the 2022 season in his final year under contract. That won’t sit well for a man the Browns invested in, and for the large part has been their best quarterback since Bernie Kosar.

A reminder this is Cleveland, however — that’s not saying too much.

Browns: Brandon Weeden backs Baker Mayfield

“Same stuff different year with her. She can’t help herself,” Weeden tweeted in response to Mayfield and Cabot.

Offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt came to Mayfield’s defense as well, stating that his relationship with Stefanski isn’t a problem.

“No. Absolutely not,” Van Pelt said.  “I know the line of communication is wide open between those two guys. Kevin’s always been open, communicative with all the players.”

Whether Mayfield remains in Cleveland likely depends on whether or not the Browns can acquire a better quarterback. With Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson potentially available this offseason, settling on another year of average Mayfield play isn’t wise if the Browns can avoid it.

Baker may not be asking out, but the Browns could want to move on anyway.

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