College football rankings: Top 10 teams by average home attendance

David Ojabo, Michigan Wolverines. (Detroit Free Press)
David Ojabo, Michigan Wolverines. (Detroit Free Press) /

These 10 college football fanbases showed up big time to support their teams this past season.

Though most college football rankings are based on wins and losses, these 10 fanbases should be commended for showing up and supporting their beloved teams during home games this past year.

While every team on 247Sports’ list checks the box of being a blue-blood or a traditional power, as well as having absolutely massive college football cathedrals, one can never put a price on showing up. Not every team on this list had a good season. Heck, a pair of them did not even achieve bowl eligibility. This is a testament to the rabid fanbases these schools have cultivated.

Here are the top 10 programs when it comes to average home game attendance for 2021.

College football teams ranked by average home attendance

  1. Michigan Wolverines (108,763)
  2. Penn State Nittany Lions (106,799)
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide (98,720)
  4. Texas A&M Aggies (98,407)
  5. Ohio State Buckeyes (96,756)
  6. LSU Tigers (94,808)
  7. Georgia Bulldogs (92,746)
  8. Texas Longhorns (91,938)
  9. Tennessee Volunteers (86,386)
  10. Nebraska Cornhuskers (86,173)

The Michigan Wolverines and the Penn State Nittany Lions finished No. 1 and No. 2 as the only schools to draw over 100,000 fans to their stadiums on average. Alabama, Texas A&M, Ohio State, LSU, Georgia and Texas all drew between 90,000 and 100,000. Tennessee and Nebraska rounded out the top 10 with 86,386 and 86,173 average home game attendance numbers, respectively.

Of these 10 schools, Nebraska and Penn State were overcapacity, Georgia sold out every game and Michigan pretty much did. While there were some empty seats at LSU, Tennessee and Texas, it is not like those three football programs were anything close to College Football Playoff caliber. The fact that Nebraska was over capacity for yet another losing season is simply remarkable.

These home attendance numbers are why most of these programs are never down for very long.

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