Auburn football: Fans rally in support of Bryan Harsin

Bryan Harsin, Auburn Tigers. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Bryan Harsin, Auburn Tigers. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Literally dozens of Auburn football fans rallied at Toomer’s Corner to briefly show their support of head coach Bryan Harsin.

If there was ever proof that Tobias Fünke was an Auburn football fan, just check this out.

With head coach Bryan Harsin holding onto his job for dear life with a potential scandal on the horizon, dozens of people who didn’t want to watch the Pro Bowl gathered at Toomer’s Corner to support a dead man walking. If Alabama, Georgia and LSU fans needed more ammunition to troll their rival team, this short-lived rally was more awkward than anything Tobias Funke ever said.

Harsin has only been at Auburn for one year, going 6-7 in his first season down on The Plains.

Look at these lost people trying to figure out what to do between Auburn basketball games.

This is saddest sequel of the infamous Urban Meyer chant in the other Columbus years ago.

Maeby, just Maeby, these fans regretted their latest decision in life?

It didn’t work out for Ohio State, but it could work for us.

Dozens of Auburn football fans rally to show their support of Bryan Harsin

While the allegations against Harsin are very serious and would result in his swift termination, how can Alabama, Georgia and LSU fans not laugh at the safety school’s latest total embarrassment? Life was simpler when Gus Malzahn was dining at Waffle House and wearing his patented blue vest. Now he is living his best life over in Orlando at UCF and U Can’t Touch This.

If Auburn were to have to move off Harsin this late into the cycle, the Tigers will not have a robust pool of candidates to hire as his successor. Whether it is an alleged extramarital affair, losing coordinators faster than you can say Jordan-Hare or treating players like dogs, things have gone far better for the Auburn football program of late. They may finish dead last in the SEC West.

After dozens of Auburn fans gathered to support Coach Harsin at Toomer’s Corner on Sunday, Maeby, just Maeby, the football program could be in need of a new start?

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