Every NBA team’s greatest point guard of all time

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Minnesota Timberwolves
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Minnesota Timberwolves — Ricky Rubio

10.1 points per game
8.1 assists per game
4.1 rebounds per game

Listen, we know this looks bad, but the Minnesota Timberwolves have a very bad history with point guards. Who was better than Ricky Rubio? Sam Cassell had a much better peak, but he only lasted two seasons before he was traded to the Clippers. Terrell Brandon was pretty good before his career was cut short by injuries. Stephon Marbury should be on this list, but he sabotaged a Marbury-Kevin Garnett duo that would have been a lot of fun to watch for years. So, this is how we end up with Ricky Rubio being the best point guard in Timberwolves history.

Rubio chose to stay in Spain for the first two years after he was drafted by the T-Wolves. He finally came to the league in 2011, and he was pretty good. Again, nobody is trying to claim Ricky Rubio is in the same conversation as Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson, but the Wolves need a representative.

Anyway, Rubio was a very consistent player during his time in Minnesota. He averaged north of 10 points in five of his six seasons in Minnesota. He dealt with a few injuries in Minnesota, and he never really lived up to the hype. This is a hurtful addition to this list, and it just shows the painful history of the Timberwolves as a whole. No matter how close this franchise got to greatness, something always got in the way.