Bengals fans riot against Carson Palmer after Joe Burrow comments

Cincinnati Bengals are rallying around Joe Burrow by ripping their former starting quarterback Carson Palmer to no end on social media.

Carson Palmer had every opportunity to speak highly of his former team and Joe Burrow at Radio Row, but instead decided to burn every bridge this side of the Ohio River when it comes to the Cincinnati Bengals.

In only his second season out of LSU, Burrow has quarterbacked the Bengals to Super Bowl 56. Should he win, Burrow might surpass Patrick Mahomes as the most marketable player in the entire NFL. While Palmer could have been that coming out of USC, the 2002 Heisman Trophy winner clearly holds a grudge with his former team and hinted Burrow could bail on them, too.

All the while, Bengals Twitter destroyed Palmer more hellaciously than a ravenous man devouring a massive bowl of Skyline Chili.

Cincinnati Bengals Twitter drags Carson Palmer for his Joe Burrow comments

Though Palmer may have a point about the Bengals being a notoriously frugal organization, with every pass Burrow throws and every big game he wins, Palmer’s NFL legacy gets further marginalized. He is well on his way towards becoming the fifth most important quarterback in the history of the franchise, trailing Burrow, Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason and even Andy Dalton.

What people like about Burrow is, against all odds, he brings people together. LSU was not known for moving the sticks aerially when he arrived on campus in Baton Rouge in 2018. Two years later, Burrow orchestrated the greatest single season in college football history by any player. He won the College Football Playoff, making a lot of his former teammates and coaches a ton of money.

Though time will tell what becomes of Burrow and this era of Bengals football, now is not the time to bring up past grudges with an organization. It comes across as incredibly small. The Bengals are in the Super Bowl! They won the AFC North for the first time in years, beat the top-seeded Tennessee Titans in Nashville and then wrecked the Kansas City Chiefs’ dreams at Arrowhead.

Ultimately, it is a fantastic time to be a Bengals fan. They are getting bigger national exposure than they have in decades. Though they have a tall task ahead of them on Sunday vs. the Los Angeles Rams, this group led by Burrow has it in them to be giant slayers one last time. Anything can happen on any given Sunday. But even if the Bengals win, Palmer will not waver on his opinion.

Even a decade after the divorce, the acrimony between Palmer, the Bengals and their fans remain.