Did the Yankees blow it with Carlos Correa?

The New York Yankees had a chance at Carlos Correa at the beginning of free agency, but that opportunity has come and gone.

Correa and the Yankees felt like a match made in heaven to start free agency. New York wanted a high-profile shortstop with the defensive skills to match, and Correa is one of the best defensive shortstops in all of baseball. A permanent move to second base for Gleyber Torres would surely follow.

Yet, the Yankees reportedly favored Corey Seager heading into free agency due to his asking price. Per Jon Heyman, that entire plan went up in flames when Seager signed a monster $325 million contract with the Texas Rangers, thus resetting Correa’s market altogether.

Now, with Correa switching agencies and hiring Scott Boras, it’s far less likely that the Yankees will be able to meet his price point.

Yankees: What went wrong in Carlos Correa pursuit?

How about everything?

It’s not entirely a bad thing that the Yankees likely avoided Correa’s massive price tag. They can sit back wait for stud prospect Anthony Volpe to mature into a major-league product and then plug him into the role unimpeded.

But let’s not pretend that was the plan from the jump. Cashman and the Yankees had to know they needed a big splash, especially after falling short of expectations in a Wild Card loss to the Red Sox, no less! Missing out on a player of Correa’s caliber, as well as Seager and potentially even Trevor Story, is not acceptable for a fanbase that demands excellence.

Instead, New York is trotting out nearly the same group it had a year ago, assuming they don’t surprise the majority of baseball and pull off a move they would’ve been known for, say, two decades ago.

The Yankee way has changed — any fan in the Bronx can tell you that. Hal Steinbrenner is not his father, and it’s time we stop expecting as much from him.