This stat shows how much the CJ McCollum trade has boosted Pelicans’ offense

The New Orleans Pelicans desperately needed some help and landing CJ McCollum in a monumental trade has definitely done that.

CJ McCollum being involved in a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers to the New Orleans Pelicans made headlines. It was a monumental move that could definitely impact the future of two teams. While it hasn’t fixed all of the issues the Pelicans have right now, the trade sure seems to be improving New Orleans’ offense.

McCollum has been a huge addition to the Pelicans’ offense. He’s not the best shooter in the NBA, but he is one of the more talented guards out there. He can definitely be a huge asset for any team looking to build towards the future.

Just look at what he brings to the table and how he’s been shooting since being traded from the Trail Blazers.

Hitting 23 of New Orleans’ 75 made free throws isn’t bad. The fact that McCollum is pretty reliable from behind the 3-point line right now is also something worth looking at here.

New Orleans Pelicans: Adding CJ McCollum significantly improves Pelicans’ offense

Again, McCollum probably won’t be the sort of player who can fix everything for New Orleans. He definitely isn’t going to be the guy that fixes every problem the Pelicans have overnight. But he does bring a lot to the table.

Since being traded to New Orleans, McCollum is making 43.2  percent of his 3-point attempts. The Pelicans are also fresh off of a dominant win over the Los Angeles Lakers, winning 123-95 on the road Sunday evening.

Unsurprisingly, McCollum led the way for the Pelicans scoring-wise with 22 points. That’s certainly something New Orleans could build around moving forward.