Skip Bayless just can’t stop throwing shade at LeBron James

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As fans booed LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers for a dismal Feb. 27 performance, Skip Bayless joined in to torment James as well. 

LeBron James already had enough to live down after an abysmal performance against the New Orleans Pelicans at home. James shot down an easy bounce pass that skidded off-court, which infuriated the crowd into releasing a cascade of boos.

Jeanie Buss left mid-game, a Lakers fan was escorted out by security for screaming at the bench, and the Lakers lost to the Pelicans by 28 points.

Although Russell Westbrook explained that he does not take the game home with him after a loss, one person would not let James live down the embarrassment. Longtime sportscaster Skip Bayless called out James, mocking him for chasing “Kareem’s all-time scoring record.”

Skip Bayless mocks LeBron James for Pelicans loss

Although Bayless doesn’t include any of James’ stats on the night, he does note that all James was trying to do during the game was “stat-pad with easy garbage-time buckets.”

Ironically, Isiah Thomas said recently that James is slated to become the greatest player of all time because he is the greatest all-around player, rivaling only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in major statistical categories.

Even though James had a bad game, it does nothing to undermine what he has already accomplished. James is a three-time NBA Champion on three different NBA teams, and there is no debate that he is one of the most talented players in NBA history. However, there will always be those detracting from his ability, and garbage time buckets suit the narrative that James is simply trying to win the GOAT argument.

Bayless wasn’t the only one to clown LeBron after the loss. The Pelicans, who are only one ranking behind the Lakers now as they compete for a potential playoff spot, changed their Twitter bio with their most recent win.

It seems like neither the Lakers nor LeBron can catch a break.

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