Cowboys rumors: Amari Cooper staying seeming less likely than ever

Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper. (Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper. (Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys expect to go into the 2022 season without one of Amari Cooper or Michael Gallup with the former looking most likely to depart.

It was a fun run for the Cowboys have CeeDee Lamb lining up with Michael Gallup and Amari Cooper. It’s almost certainly coming to an end.

Dallas doesn’t expect to have that trio back in 2022 with Cooper the most likely to be on a different roster before the month of March is over, according to Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

“The shared opinion from several sources at the NFL combine is it would be an upset if Cooper returns,” Gehlken reported on Thursday.

The Cowboys are expected to part ways with Amari Cooper

Lamb is returning but Gallup is up for free agency while Cooper could be cut or traded in a bid to free up cap space.

Cooper would be guaranteed $20 million if he’s still on the roster by March 20. Dallas would save a huge chunk of money if they parted ways with him. The guaranteed money deadline ensures the decision will have to be made sooner than later.

Lamb has advocated for the Cowboys keeping Cooper because of the “unappreciated” things he contributes to the offense.

Gallup would be a significantly cheaper option to return, though he is dealing with injury issues that complicate the determination to re-sign him. He’ll become a free agent on March 16.

Even if the team wants him back from a playmaking standpoint, they’d be investing money in a player with sizeable injury risk. It’s not cut and dry.

That’s why Gehlken’s sources don’t seem to be entirely closing the door on Cooper coming back. A  restructured deal could make sense for the team if the receiver is open to that idea.

It’s all very much up in the air. And it’s all going to come to a head over the next few weeks.

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