NFL and NFLPA have agreed to suspend all aspects of the joint COVID-19 Protocols

With Coronavirus cases dropping across the country, the NFL and NFLPA agreed that the COVID-19 protocols can be suspended until further notice. 

Some good news has arrived for NFL players: the COVID protocols, for now, are no more. On Thursday morning, the NFLPA and NFL reached the agreement to suspend the protocols, which includes no more masks being required at team facilities.

The 2021 campaign was dominated with countless players having to miss games and practices due to either testing positive or being close contacts. Now, this latest update from the league gives people hope that things are indeed moving in the right direction with the virus overall.

Fans are excited the NFL COVID-19 protocols have been suspended

Things really do feel like they’re starting to get back to normal in the NFL, as the COVID restrictions had been in place for nearly two years. Now, things have changed in a big way, with Tom Pelissero reporting that the protocols being dropped will take place immediately.

This comes in the middle of the NFL Combine taking place as well. Last season, fans were distraught when they found out their favorite stars would have to be away from the team due to protocols. Arguable the biggest news, COVID wise, was when Aaron Rodgers tested positive and had to miss the highly-anticipated showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Moving forward, things will all be the same for players who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated as well. Testing for COVID-19 will no longer be mandatory, but the NFL’s memo did state that both players and coaches could be tested if advised by the team’s doctors. All in all, though, there’s plenty of relief for everyone across the NFL and teams won’t have to worry about these restrictions anymore.