MLB, MLBPA agree to ban shift, make other rule changes

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. (Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. (Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

While the MLB lockout continues on, the MLB players union has agreed to move forward with a few significant rule changes.

Despite the fact that the MLB lockout is still going on, it looks like both sides are making some agreements as they move forward. The MLB players union has decided that it will agree to some pretty notable rule changes in 2023.

Among the notable changes, MLB and MLBPA have come to an agreement on banning shifts as well as implementing a pitch clock, according to a tweet by MLB Network’s Jon Heyman. As Heyman tweets, the changes are part of an effort “to streamline the process and add excitement to the game.”

But those weren’t the only changes that the players union agreed to, according to Heyman. In his tweet, Heyman notes that the players union is also willing to agree to make bases larger.

These changes are set to go into effect in 2023 assuming they fit into a “total deal,” according to the tweet.

MLB lockout: Players union agrees to ban the shift and implement pitch clock among other rule changes

The news has been met with some criticism and while it’s a step forward for both sides of this lockout, it doesn’t appear as if these things will be a magic fix to get the MLB lockout to end. As Heyman tweeted earlier in the afternoon, MLB owners aren’t thrilled with the players union.

Unfortunately, Heyman believes even more of the 2022 season could be impacted by the lockout.

Heyman also noted how both sides are entertaining possible changes to playoff formatting.

It remains to be seen how both sides will move forward and how quickly the lockout will come to an end.

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