Washington Commanders connected to yet another big-name QB

The Washington Commanders are searching for their future at quarterback and it looks like they might have some interest in a talented and experienced option.

As the Washington Commanders continue working on figuring out what they want to do at quarterback, they keep reaching out to other teams about their talented and experienced starting quarterbacks.

From Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, it seems like Washington is apparently willing to ask just about anyone and everyone is a trade for their quarterback would be possible.

Now the Commanders are apparently connected to another veteran quarterback who plays out west. According to a report from Ben Standig of The Athletic, Washington has been in contact with the Las Vegas Raiders regarding Derek Carr.

However, it looks like the Commanders aren’t the only franchise interested in inquiring about Carr and the possibility of trading for him.

According to a tweet from Vincent Bonsignore, “multiple teams” have reached out to the Raiders to chat with them about Carr.

Washington Commanders: Are Commanders interested in Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr?

However, just because the Commanders are potentially interested in Carr doesn’t mean the Raiders will just willingly give him up. Josh McDaniels, the new coach of the Raiders, has made his thoughts on Carr clear and it sure looks like Las Vegas is trusting its current quarterback going forward.

Even if the Raiders were actually interested in moving on from him, there’s almost no way Las Vegas would trade Carr away without receiving a massive return of draft picks and/or some very talented players in the process.

It’s not a bad idea for the Commanders to call and check in on Carr, but it doesn’t seem like this will happen for Washington.