3 quarterbacks Broncos should acquire after missing out on Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /
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Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers
Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

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John Lynch may help out his former team by trading Jimmy Garoppolo to Denver

Yes, there are other quarterbacks who could conceivably be traded this offseason. As great as it would be to see Russell Wilson tear it up in Broncos Country, he would cost so many arms and legs to be dealt to Denver. Would it be worth it? Yes, but there is a way the Broncos can draft for tomorrow with either Pickett or Willis and try to win right away by trading for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The idea behind this is the San Francisco 49ers are almost certainly going with last year’s No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance as their starting quarterback in 2022. They gave up so much to get him, so he is playing sooner rather than later. As for Garoppolo, he won four playoff games for the 49ers over the last three seasons. Upon arrival, Garoppolo can make the 2022 Broncos a playoff team.

What makes the Broncos such a good landing spot for Garoppolo is this. One, he knows how to battle in a tough quarterbacked division. Two, he is better than what they currently have. Three, he can make it work there in the short-term while a draft prospect gets groomed. And four, 49ers general manager John Lynch may throw his former team a bone. They are in the other conference.

If the Broncos trade for Garoppolo and then draft either Pickett or Willis, Denver will be just fine.

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