MLB players troll Jeff Passan who got hacked by NFT people

MLB players trolled ESPN insider Jeff Passan, who was hacked by NFT users and locked out of his Twitter account while covering the lockout.

On Wednesday, March 9, the MLB announced that they were removing another week off the 2022 season scheduled after the league and players union could not come to an agreement. Most of the issues stemmed from the international draft, which the league wanted and the union was against.

The following day, ESPN insider Jeff Passan reported that both parties agreed to push a decision on the international draft until July 25. This was a positive sign that both parties got one issue out of the way in their collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

But shortly after Passan tweeted this update, his Twitter account was hacked by NFT users. To make matters worse for the ESPN insider, he was locked out of his account while covering the lockout!

MLB players troll Jeff Passan for getting Twitter account hacked by NFT people

MLB players, such as pitchers Trevor Williams and Carlos Rodon responded to this revelation.

The timing of this incident was truly something. Good news was shared to everyone who has notifications turned on for Passan’s tweets. And then, those individuals were bombarded with updates about NFT. It was, something, for sure.

Regarding the international draft that could start in 2024, if both sides agree to the deal, then the qualifying offer will disappear. But if no deal is reached, the qualifying offer will remain and the international system will stay in place, per Passan.

Here’s hoping that Passan regains access to his Twitter account, especially during important times like these, as the baseball world awaits to see if the league and players union can agree to finally end the lockout.