Cowboys insider just crushed fans’ hope for a Bobby Wagner deal

Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

One Dallas Cowboys insider crushed the dreams of Bobby Wagner playing for America’s Team.

Even though new free agent linebacker Bobby Wagner played for Dan Quinn on the Seattle Seahawks defense, do not expect him to be joining the Dallas Cowboys this offseason.

Though it schematically would have worked out, Dallas is still in the red when it comes to the 2022 NFL salary cap. The Cowboys are essentially one move from getting under, but they have bigger fish to fry than to overspend on a free agent linebacker when they have so many issues to address internally. This is why Cowboys insider Clarence Hill Jr. does not think it will be happening.

Simply put, Dallas does not have the money to spend on Wagner, nor does it seem like they are all that interested in adding him to begin with.

Dallas Cowboys free agency rumors: Not in the running to sign Bobby Wagner

A big reason why the Cowboys cannot afford Wagner is what they have to navigate in-house. Dallas used the franchise tag on tight end Dalton Schultz. While they are in the process of potentially extending wide receiver Michael Gallup, they could be parting ways with Amari Cooper. Of course, they also have an intriguing passer rusher hitting free agency as well in Randy Gregory.

No matter what happens, do not expect for Dallas to be a big spender in free agency. This is a franchise that prefers to build through the NFL Draft, which is a huge area of strength for them. However, Dallas tends to overvalue what it has in-house and pays a price for it when negotiating second contracts. The Cowboys are notorious for paying many of their good players great money.

Ultimately, the Cowboys have to take advantage of where they stand in their competitive life cycle. This is a team more than capable of winning the NFC East again and multiple playoff series. Though the stars will have to align for them to reach Super Bowl 57 in Glendale, it would not be the least bit shocking if Dallas played in its first conference title bout since 1995 this season.

Cap issues will make getting Wagner onto the Cowboys all the more difficult, next to impossible.

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