Red Sox got help from Xander Bogaerts in recruiting Trevor Story

Xander Bogaerts played a role in getting his own insurance policy, Trevor Story, to sign with the Boston Red Sox.

There’s room for only one shortstop in a starting lineup and yet the Boston Red Sox have managed to secure two of the best. Trevor Story will suit up for the team in 2022 as their starting second baseman with Xander Bogaerts remaining at shortstop.

Not only that, Bogaerts was one of the members of the Red Sox organization that helped to bring Story to Beantown.

Clearly, Bogaerts wants to win. And so does Story. The two have put aside any question of a shortstop controversy and will co-exist up the middle in Boston this year. Beyond 2022, however, is a whole different story.

Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts helped recruit his shortstop insurance, Trevor Story

Your Red Sox jersey with Bogaerts on the back of it may become vintage sooner than you’d like. His contract includes an opt-out after the 2022 season. Like many star players, he’s very likely to exercise it.

As Jeff Passan pointed out, adding Story now will give Boston some insurance at shortstop.

It’s not uncommon for players to agree to sign with a team if it means they have to change positions. Alex Rodriguez famously went to the New York Yankees and began his time as a third baseman alongside Derek Jeter at shortstop. More recently and far less impactful as that move, Javier Baez even discussed his willingness to play alongside Francisco Lindor as a second baseman. The two ended up pairing up with the New York Mets for two months and a pair of injuries in 2021 with the biggest highlight being a pair of thumbs aimed downward directed at the fans.

The connection between Bogaerts and Story is a little different. Bogaerts probably already has an idea in his head of what he’s planning. Even a halfway decent year should have him thinking about opting out of his contract. And if he does, it’s very likely Boston doesn’t try to bring him back. They could conceivably continue to be a nice pair up the middle. However, if Bogaerts chooses to walk away, the Red Sox will probably simply move Story to his natural position.

The Red Sox are not in a “win at all costs” situation right now. They’ve won more in the last 20 years than they did for generations. Nevertheless, the Story move should be viewed positively for them if only because it rained on the parade of Yankees fans hoping he’d sign there.