AFC power rankings: Where do Colts stand with Matt Ryan?

With the Indianapolis Colts trading for Matt Ryan, where do they fit into the AFC power rankings amidst of a litany of teams led by star quarterbacks?


Houston Texans

The Texans are going to face a long climb back, but the bounty they received for Deshaun Watson should jumpstart the trip.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Nobody spent more than the Jaguars this offseason. They could rapidly rise if Trevor Lawrence gets going.


New York Jets

Great free agency for the Jets, but huge questions still remain at quarterback, receiver and edge.


Miami Dolphins

Tough ranking for the Dolphins, but they don’t have can’t-miss franchise quarterback, and the offensive line remains a mess.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Mitch Trubisky isn’t winning much in this conference, even with Mike Tomlin and a very stout defense supporting him.


New England Patriots

Remember when Mac Jones was the next Tom Brady? That was a fun two months. Now, reality. The Patriots don’t have near enough at quarterback to compete.


Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders fans will loathe this ranking, but hear me out. Brutal division, first-year head coach, and a defense that save for the edge rush is a disaster.


Cleveland Browns

Ranking the Browns, Titans and Colts was very tough. Ultimately, we don’t know if Deshaun Watson will play a full slate in 2022, and that weighed heavily here.


Tennessee Titans

The Titans don’t have a quarterback the quality of Matt Ryan, and one wonders how long Derrick Henry can handle the enormous workload.


Indianapolis Colts

Without Matt Ryan, the Colts probably rank in the bottom five teams. With him, they’re a solid playoff contender who could steal a game in the playoffs.


Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson is a huge get, and the weapons are underrated. However, the West is loaded and the defense could step back after losing Vic Fangio. Still, clear playoff team.


Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have a top-five roster in the NFL. Justin Herbert is a stud, the defense is upgraded and the weapons are great. It’s about the offensive line and Brandon Staley stepping up.


Cincinnati Bengals

Calm down, Cincy. The Bengals are a contender, but can they repeat what we saw last year? Tough, especially with the Ravens figuring to be much healthier.


Baltimore Ravens

No team dealt with more critical injuries than the Ravens in 2021. Baltimore added in the offseason as well. Look for the Ravens to be back this coming year.


Kansas City Chiefs

Still a great team, although the defense is in flux. Offensively, it’s probably the best in football. The Chiefs are going to be right there with Patrick Mahomes and Co.


Buffalo Bills

After adding Von Miller, the Bills deserve the title of favorite. Also, it doesn’t hurt having much of their competition in tougher divisions.