The best memes, Tweets, gifs and more from women’s March Madness so far

The first days of the Women’s NCAA Tournament definitely delivered on the March Madness. Here are the best gifs, memes and Tweets from the games.

March Madness is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year, fully focused on young, talented college basketball players and their ability to work together to see how far their team can go.

With social media, particularly Twitter, fans can get a special inside-look on the madness (no pun intended) happening from the teams directly.

Highlights from women’s March Madness, told by Tweets, gifs and more thus far…

A great moment that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the pure and raw excitement from University of Tennessee for advancing. A heartfelt moment, for sure.

A heartfelt moment showing a gracious loss. University of Oregon demonstrates humbleness in their experience, even though they wanted to advance further.

Quick, but effective, highlights of a talented player from University of South Carolina, demonstrating two amazing plays. Her power shown on the court is inspiring.

A massive milestone! What better place to hit 1,000 career points than at the biggest NCAA Basketball tournament of the year?

Just a beautiful celebratory moment of making history.

To top it all off, the perfect dunk.