Saint Peter’s playing on National Peacock Day is a sign from the basketball gods

Doug Edert, Saint Peter's Peacocks. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)
Doug Edert, Saint Peter's Peacocks. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NCAA Photos via Getty Images) /

The Saint Peter’s Peacocks playing on National Peacock Day is a great reason to bet your 401k on Doug Edert and the boys to get it done in Philadelphia vs. the Purdue Boilermakers in the Sweet 16.

Fate would have it that National Peacock Day coincides with the Saint Peter’s Peacocks’ Sweet 16 game vs. the Purdue Boilermakers on Friday night.

While you can gamble away your life savings on Doug Edert and the boys to play Spoilermaker, just know the basketball gods are firmly on the side of everyone’s newfound basketball school from New Jersey. When Eli Manning is an avid enthusiast of your work on the hardwood, you are playing with the epitome of house money. A helmet catch won him his first of two Super Bowls.

Saint Peter’s Athletics knows what day it is (not hump day, Mike).

And Peacock is handing out premium subscriptions to Saint Peter’s students at three different locations because they are birds of their word and bird is the word, y’all.

Saint Peter’s Peacocks are playing in the Sweet 16 on National Peacock Day

As the Peacocks make their grand entrance into the house that Allen Iverson’s crossover built, they can look into Purdue Pete’s cold dead eyes and tell him it is not his day. This is okay, because he regularly wakes up and feels nothing, but today the Peacocks are going to fly like Terry Hoitz. The Other Guys are thinking about some Five Guys NIL money on their way to the Elite Eight.

Ultimately, they write stories about people in the game, not those at the game. Not saying that their will be an influx of baby boys named Douglas making their way into the Tri-State Area in the next nine months, but get ready for the Doug influx. Tonight will be the greatest thing to happen to Peacocks since NBC landed the Notre Dame football contract. No Derek Jeters will be shot either.

Even if Jaden Ivey and the Boilermakers prove too much for Edert and the gang, nobody Peacock-ed their way through March Madness quite like Saint Peter’s did. They are the greatest No. 15 seed since Andy Enfield manifested all that was great with regards to Dunk City. Fort Myers has not been the same in the decade since. The same can be said for Jersey City and these Jersey Boys.

There might be Four Seasons out there in the world, but March firmly belongs to the Peacocks.

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