Baker Mayfield trade: What’s holding back the Seahawks from deal with Browns

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Seattle Seahawks have been listed as one of two NFL teams interested in Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, but a major factor holds them back. 

The Seahawks have been forced to reckon with past missteps over the past few seasons. As the Seahawks have battled to strengthen their defense, hoping to do so with the Jamal Adams trade, limited draft picks have finally forced Seattle’s hand. The Seahawks lost future Hall of Famers and franchise pillars Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner, and now, they are in full rebuild mode.

The question remains as to whether the Seahawks will roll with Drew Lock and Geno Smith at quarterback or if the Hawks will sign someone who is currently leading an NFL franchise—someone like Baker Mayfield.

The Seahawks were reportedly interested in Deshaun Watson, and now, they are rumored to be interested in Mayfield. The Carolina Panthers are also interested in Mayfield and are apparently the stronger contenders, primarily because Baker’s significant cap hit is a drawback for the Seahawks.

Seahawks bowing out of Baker Mayfield race due to $19 million cost

NFL reporters Ian Rapoport and Jeremy Fowler affirm that although listed as an interested party, the Seahawks have serious reservations about trading for Mayfield.

“Baker Mayfield is also on the trading block here and I’m told that the Browns have been in constant communication with Mayfield’s agent, Thomas Mills, to try to find a solution here — try to get a deal for Mayfield,” Fowler said on Get Up!

“It is a bit quiet now. I know Seattle has done their homework on Mayfield. They’ve watched film on him among coaches. They’ve talked about him at the front-office levels. But this is a team that’s looking to re-sign Geno Smith. They like Drew Lock. And they’re heavy on the draft picks right now, the quarterbacks in this draft class. So hardly a slam dunk that this happens at all.”

“Now, I’ve talked to teams that have said, ‘Look, this guy has value. He’s had two good seasons in Cleveland, sort of brought the Browns back from the dead,'” Fowler continued. “But at that same salary that’s guaranteed of nearly $19 million dollars, that is a major hindrance here.”

With Baker likely out, Colin Kaepernick is capitalizing on the quarterback opening, letting the Seahawks know he’s available to sign. The Seahawks met with Kaepernick in 2017, and Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett said he would like to see the team sign him.

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