F1 engine suppliers for 2022: Which teams are running what engine?

F1 engine lineup. (Lars Baron/Getty Images)
F1 engine lineup. (Lars Baron/Getty Images) /

The Formula 1 grid in 2022 features a variety of engine suppliers, whose performance can make all the difference. Which F1 engine is each team running?

There are so many factors to building a fast Formula 1 car.

Every piece of bodywork matters. Aerodynamics are essential. And, of course, so are engines.

Having an engine with effective power is often the difference between contending and struggling at the bottom of the table.

Yes, the skill of the driver absolutely holds sway, but even the best driver can only do so much with the machine they’re given.

That’s why it’s important to know which engine suppliers are powering each vehicle.

F1 engine suppliers for 2022

  • Ferrari engine
    • Ferrari
    • Alfa Romeo
    • Haas
  • Mercedes engine
    • Mercedes
    • McLaren
    • Aston Martin
    • Williams
  • Red Bull engine
    • Red Bull
    • AlphaTauri
  • Renault engine
    • Alpine

Mercedes power has resulted in plenty of championships in the past but under the new regulations, the teams running that engine have struggled mightily in the opening portion of the season.

Meanwhile, the Ferrari engine has taken Charles Leclerc to a race victory in Bahrain with hopes of more to follow.

Red Bull hope that Max Verstappen will have enough juice from their unit after winning the drivers’ title with a Honda engine in the car last year.

While all the other cars on the grid have at least one other team running their engine, Alpine is alone with the Renault.

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