Albert Pujols-Cardinals reunion opens door for Braves and Freddie Freeman

Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports)
Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports) /

With the St. Louis Cardinals re-signing Albert Pujols, it shows all relationships are reparable with time. So, could the Braves eventually bring back Freddie Freeman?

Freeman just left the Braves under (somewhat) salty terms, with the front office and player disputing how contract negotiations really went down. The perennial NL MVP candidate released a statement on Saturday, once again relaying how grateful he is to the organization which raised him, and Braves fans as a whole.

So, beef squashed then, right?

Time heals all, eventually. Just ask Pujols, who signed with the same franchise he left after winning a World Series in 2012. At the time, fans were upset with Pujols for taking a massive contract in California. Pujols was entering his age-32 season, as Freeman is with the Dodgers.

Is history repeating itself?

Could Freddie Freeman return to the Braves?

Freeman signed a six-year contract with the Dodgers, so in this alternate reality he would become a free agent once again at age 38. Who knows where the Braves will be on this future timeline?

If Atlanta is contending, then perhaps Freeman could rejoin the team in some capacity to chase another ring with the franchise. Braves fans sure hope that Matt Olson would be their starting first baseman, however, as he’s the younger player and hopefully an All-Star in the making.

Freeman could play DH at that point if his defense doesn’t hold up.

If the Braves aren’t contending, then it wouldn’t hurt to bring back Freeman as an effort to draw more fans to Truist Park (or whatever the stadium is named at that time).

So sure, there is a scenario where re-signing Freeman makes sense for Atlanta, and it really isn’t all that farfetched.

By 2028, fans could be clamoring for it, even. But, let’s try to stay in the present.

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