Are the Lakers avoiding putting LeBron in postgame graphics for losses?

The folks behind the Los Angeles Lakers social media accounts are getting some attention after they apparently avoided putting LeBron James in some graphics. 

LeBron James is known for many things. He wins a lot of games (typically), is absurdly talented, has switched teams a few times, seems to be defying Father Time, and is quite possibly the greatest player the NBA has ever seen. James has a remarkably legacy that is almost unparalleled.

So, it might not be shocking to hear that James is often not associated with losing (except for this year and a few other occasions, that is). Typically, James wins far more often than he loses, but when he loses, it tends to get attention.

Interestingly enough, it seems like the folks running the official Los Angeles Lakers social media accounts aren’t interested in associating James with losses. In fact, one brilliant NBA fan spotted how the Lakers tend to never include James in postgame graphics after losses. He is, in fact, included in postgame graphics after wins.

Kenny Beecham, the NBA fan in question, breaks down the entire process here.

Los Angeles Lakers keep LeBron James out of losing postgame graphics

That’s some seriously impressive investigative journalism work. Shoutout to Beecham for doing all of that digging and uncovering that.

While it may seem like this isn’t just something the Lakers would do, there are other NBA franchises who will put their stars in postgame graphics following losses. Some of the best players in the NBA have been included.

But hey, for whatever reason, the Lakers’ social media managers are making the editorial decision to not include James in these sorts of situations.