Steven Adams explains his approach to rebounding: ‘I just stand there’

Steven Adams, Memphis Grizzlies. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)
Steven Adams, Memphis Grizzlies. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

Memphis Grizzlies center Steven Adams has perfected the art of offensive rebounding by just standing there.

When it comes to offensive rebounding, Memphis Grizzlies center Steven Adams likes to KISS it: Keep it simple, stupid.

Adams was asked at the podium on how to explain his success on the glass in layman’s terms to the commoners he towers over as a 7-footer from the Southern Hemisphere. While one reporter was hoping he would provide some cutting edge stuff like Dennis Rodman‘s well-known ball rotation theory, Adams is undeniable proof that size will always matter. “I just stand there, mate.”

This is why there never has been and never will be another basketball player quite like Adams.

Steven Adams has the greatest quote when it comes to offensive rebounding

Adams’ take on the art of offensive rebounding is worthy of painting on the white brick inside of many middle school and high school gyms across the country. “Just stand there, mate” is about to be more than a handful of 18-year-old Memphians’ high school yearbook quotes. Unfortunately, they will not have enough time to grow out their hair to resemble Adams or Jason Momoa for this.

As a former suburban power forward whose shooting range was essentially that of his wingspan at any given time, “just stand there, mate” kind of works. Jumping is cool and all, but when you have the ups of a phonebook, there is too little payoff for too much effort. Physics, geometry, whatever. We all want to go one-and-done into our professions, just like Adams did while at Pitt.

Sadly, most of us aren’t too legit to Pitt, so we have to be uncool and stay in school. Once graduation day arrives, we must take charge of our lives by just standing there. It is easy to stand out when you stand up. Though Adams could still procure many rebounds by sitting criss-cross apple sauce, he is proof that you cannot overcome size or speed in sports. It is so good to be him.

No matter the awkward situation you put yourself in, do like Adams and “just stand there, mate.”

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