Red Bull Foam Wreckers series to returns for 2022


The Red Bull and Catch Surf foam board competition series will be returning for the 2022 season following a successful 2021. 

Last year a fun type of surf competition was introduced to the world. The Red Bull Foam Wreckers competition brought regular people out to compete like the pros. The idea is to bring surfers of all skill levels out for a fun competition with minimal rules and maximum style. The participant will only use foam (soft-top) surfboards, unusually the kind of boards used by beginners.

The participants will be able to surf alongside soft top surfers such as  Jamie O’Brien, Ben Gravy, Kalani Robb, Blair Conklin, and the whole Catch Surf team. O’Brien has made a name for himself as one of the best watermen around. He is one of the best surfers to ever ride Pipeline in Hawaii. Last year he traveled across the country to introduce his soft-top riding to local surf communities.

“The whole soft board movement is so fun, and the relatability of people surfing carefree is so appealing, Red Bull Foam Wreckers channels that energy”, O’Brien said in a press release. “Whether you’re looking to enter your first surf contest, push your creativity on a foamie to the next level or even just want to watch the fun unfold from the sand, Red Bull Foam Wreckers is one event you won’t want to miss.”

The Red Bull and Catch Surf foam board competition series is a different surfing vibe

The events will happen through the summer from the east coast all the way to Hawaii. If the party atmosphere at the events last summer is any indication of what is to come this year, these events will be a must-see. The Foam Wreckers events are being dubbed “anti-surf contest surf-contest”.

The list of 2022 Red Bull Foam Wreckers events is as follows:
· Jacksonville Beach, FL (3/26)
· Long Beach Island, NJ (6/25)
· Ocean City, MD (4/23)
· Ocean City, NJ (8/6)
· San Clemente, CA (8/13)
· Wrightsville Beach, NC (10/1)
· Cocoa Beach, FL (11/5)
· Galveston, TX (11/12)
· Honolulu, HI (TBD)

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