How much does WNBA League Pass cost?

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Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images /

More fans are WNBA games than ever. Thanks to League Pass, you too can maximize your WNBA experience.

If you’re a WNBA fan, you may want to consider investing in WNBA League Pass, which provides more opportunities to watch than ever.

WNBA League Pass allows fans to access games, with the click of a button, from anywhere, anytime. Last year, during the league’s 25th anniversary, WNBA League Pass streamed more than 110 games from one platform. League Pass increased in price for the first time since 2016, from $16.99.

Now for $24.99, the service gives fans access to every team’s games that are not subjected to national and local blackouts. In addition, League Pass includes multi-game viewing, so fans don’t miss a moment of action.

For fans that are interested in following just their favorite team, the WNBA offers a single-team subscription for $9.99 for the entire season. These broadcasts are still subjected to national and local blackout restrictions. National television games on the ESPN networks (ESPN/ESPN2, ABC), CBS Sports Network, and CBS are not available on the streaming service.

League Pass also allows fans to stream live games on the go or on-demand, with their new live DVR setting. With the perks of multi-game viewing and statistic toggling, the WNBA has also partnered with Buzzer, a short-form video platform, to provide 10-second previews as clickbait for League Pass purchases.

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The WNBA League Pass is available on the WNBA App, which is currently available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You can watch, rewind, pause, and compare live stats all in one. You don’t have to miss another game, because you are away from your television. There is no better option for WNBA fans, other than being able to keep up with live games on the go.