Coach K threw Mark Williams under the bus after missing critical free throws

Duke Blue Devils center Mark Williams. (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)
Duke Blue Devils center Mark Williams. (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) /

Coach K appeared to throw center Mark Williams under the bus while talking about why his Duke Blue Devils lost to UNC in the Final Four.

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski may want several things about Saturday night back, whether that comes down to coaching decisions or other elements of how his Final Four loss to UNC played out.

He may also want his postgame interview back as well.

Coach K took some heat when people watched the interview and felt that he threw Mark Williams under the bus.

Williams missed two key free throws in the final minute of the game with the Blue Devils trailing by one. Instead of tying or taking the lead, Duke watched as Caleb Love knocked down a three-pointer to make it a four-point game on the next possession. They never recovered.

Coach K had classless remarks about Mark Williams after Duke lost to UNC

Here’s the video of Krzyzewski after the game.

“We’d like to hit our free throws,” Coach K said pointedly before dancing around a particular player’s involvement. “Mark, not being able… he was never in the game…”

Immediately, Twitter went after the head coach for naming the player and bringing up the free throws.

Krzyzewski went on to emphasize that one play doesn’t win or lose a game but that doesn’t quite make up for the unfortunate name drop he had earlier in the interview.

The head coach may not have intended to throw his player under the bus. The way he chose to express himself did it whether he likes it or not.

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