Bobby Wagner calls out John Schneider and Pete Carroll over Seahawks exit

Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner wishes that John Schneider and Pete Carroll could have done a better job of handling his departure from the Seattle Seahawks franchise.

Bobby Wagner of the Los Angeles Rams believes John Schneider and Pete Carroll could have done a better job of releasing him from the Seattle Seahawks franchise after 10 seasons with the team.

Wagner shared a lengthy message on the whole situation regarding the breakup, but does not believe that representing himself was the sole reason for the relationship to come to an end. While he understands the business involved, again, this is why players of his stature should have representation. Even if it is business, things get personal when you have to represent yourself.

Here is Wagner’s entire message regarding how things ended between him and the Seahawks.

Bobby Wagner is critical of Pete Carroll, John Schneider over Seattle breakup

There are a lot of things to dissect here. The first is the underrated fact that the Seahawks are no longer a well-run organization. Since late owner Paul Allen died, Carroll has amassed way too much control in the organization for his own good. Seattle has drafted poorly in recent years and the Seahawks had been largely propped up by their former franchise quarterback Russell Wilson.

Given that Seattle moved off Wilson in a blockbuster trade with the Denver Broncos, the Seahawks are clearly rebuilding. While Wagner had long been the quarterback of the defense, it made sense why Seattle decided to cut bait with him at this point of his career. Then again, he is a future Pro Football Hall of Famer and could have been a goodwill ambassador for the franchise.

Time may heal all wounds, but the Seahawks are getting more dysfunctional by the minute. While Wagner got the bag to go play for a division rival, his decision to represent himself perhaps further exposes the sad decline of the Seattle franchise. The Seahawks used to be good, what happened? Until ownership improves, Seattle will fall further behind tucked away in the Pacific Northwest.

It would be funny if Wagner got the black jerseys he wanted in his first year with Los Angeles.

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