3 coaches the Lakers could hire to replace Frank Vogel

Frank Vogel, Los Angeles Lakers. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Frank Vogel, Los Angeles Lakers. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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David Fizdale, Los Angeles Lakers
David Fizdale, Los Angeles Lakers. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Lakers will likely replace former head coach Frank Vogel after three seasons.

With Frank Vogel likely out, the Los Angeles Lakers need to find a new head coach to lead them.

The Lakers failed spectacularly this season. Not only did the lineup age horribly, but it was poorly constructed. Even with LeBron James and several other future hall of famers on the roster, the Lakers were not even able to reach the play-in tournament in the Western Conference this spring. Though this may be an incredibly difficult job for someone to take on, somebody will have to do it.

Here are three candidates who make some sense to replace Frank Vogel as the next Lakers’ head coach.

Los Angeles Lakers: 3 replacements for Frank Vogel as their next head coach

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Frank Vogel replacements: David Fizdale is a logical candidate

After how his two previous stints as an NBA head coach have gone, it will be hard for David Fizdale to get his third shot at leading a franchise. While there were moments initially when he was leading the Memphis Grizzlies that he looked to be the guy, things changed swiftly for him in the Mid-South. After that, his brief run leading the New York Knicks was nothing short of a disaster.

So why does Fizdale make sense with the Lakers? Well, he is one of James’ guys from their time together with the Miami Heat. Not to say the Lakers’ situation presently is incredibly toxic, but they are not poised to get an elite candidate at this time. Fizdale could essentially put out the fire and help guide the underperforming Lakers back into the playoffs during the final years of James.

Ultimately, the Lakers can get a better candidate over Fizdale, but he is a group of a handful of candidates who suffice the desperate retread mold. No doubt, there is a ton of upside to coaching James and the Lakers, but it can get very messy. Look no further than how it went for Vogel. Other candidates similar to that of Fizdale’s ilk include Mike Brown, Mike D’Antoni and Kenny Atkinson.

This is not a move Lakers fans should get excited about, but Fizdale can potentially right the ship.