Packers CEO gives the most lukewarm Jordan Love endorsement possible

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love. (Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports)
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love. (Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports) /

Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy didn’t help with convincing fans Jordan Love is worth the investment with a lukewarm take on the QB.

The Packers are pressing forward with Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback and Jordan Love as their backup.

For inexplicable reasons, they still aren’t doing the latter any favors when talking about him to the media.

CEO Mark Murphy made an appearance on the Packast with Tom Grossi and spoke about Love in the opposite of glowing terms.

“I think this preseason is important for him,” Murphy said. “We think he can be a good player, but we haven’t really seen enough. So I think this preseason will be good for him.”

Packers CEO Mark Murphy sort of, maybe endorses Jordan Love’s future

Love’s a backup, so Murphy doesn’t have to act like he’s the second coming or anything, but it would be nice if he had something more positive to say than “we think he can be a good player.”

At this point, talk like that may even hurt Love’s trade value.

Murphy had more to say about Love with regard to the Packers drafting him, none of which inspires more confidence.

“He’s a talented player. I know the decision to draft him has been questioned by a number of people, but it’s such an important position in our league that investing future assets at the position…They said the same thing when we drafted Aaron [Rodgers],” Murphy said.

There was a big difference in the Packers drafting Rodgers and Love, however.

Rodgers was considered the second-best quarterback in the draft behind Alex Smith. He was in competition for the No. 1 overall spot. He was seemingly worthy of an early first-round selection. Then he fell and Green Bay took advantage.

With Love, the Packers traded up into the first round to get him, but he was the fourth quarterback off the board and well out of the first tier of quarterback prospects including Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert. Where the Rodgers pick felt like a gift, Love’s selection felt like a stretch.

All that makes Green Bay’s approach to Love all the more strange. If they went out on that limb to go get him, shouldn’t they be more certain of his value by now?

They shouldn’t have to hem and haw over whether or not he’s the quarterback of the future. They should be able to just say that with confidence.

No wonder no one is convinced by Love’s future with the team when the team itself won’t give him a full-throated endorsement.

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