Even Angel Hernandez makes the right call most of the time

Angel Hernandez is often criticized by MLB fans for making inaccurate calls, but he proved a different result on Wednesday.

MLB umpire Angel Hernandez is notorious among fans for making inaccurate and bizarre calls. He often sparks conversation on Twitter about miscalling balls and strikes and recently sparked debate for walking a batter because the pitcher licked his fingers on the mound. He is now gaining attention for the opposite reason; he was close to 100 percent accuracy in Wednesday night’s Toronto Blue Jays vs. Boston Red Sox game.

Umpire scorecards on Twitter posted a visual analysis of Hernandez’s callings from the game, and many fans are shocked to see the level of accuracy.

Hernandez showed 97 percent overall consistency and accuracy. He called 156 of 161 pitches correctly, three of which were incorrectly called as strikes and two as balls.

When he makes incorrect calls, they’re typically wildly obvious which draws fans together on social media to share a good laugh. He’s even admitted to guessing on some obvious calls due to “scoreboards blinding him.”

What are fans saying about Angel Hernandez’s highly accurate game?

Fans are providing some of the best reactions on Twitter in response to the visual analysis. Many seem shocked, proud, and hesitant to believe it’s the same Angel Hernandez that called the game.

Though the game was called well overall, it’s still typical of him to call at least one extremely inaccurate strike.

He is applauded for a job well-done, and the players were upset over some real strikes.

His great game will be remembered forever, and hopefully, more will follow.