Angel Hernandez in peak form for Phillies-Brewers in primetime

Angel Hernandez, MLB. (USA Today)
Angel Hernandez, MLB. (USA Today) /

Often the focal point of criticism for his outrageous and absolutely controversial calls, Angel Hernandez is getting attention once again. 

It looks like Angel Hernandez is on the receiving end of some criticism yet again.

While Hernandez is often someone who receives plenty of criticism and attention because he makes some bad calls, the famed MLB ump is making some incredibly awful calls as the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers face off in primetime.

It’s one thing to make a bad call here or there. It’s another thing entirely to become very well known for making bad calls.

And MLB fans are definitely familiar with Hernandez.

So, what has Hernandez done this time? Well, it looks like he’s totally botching some calls as the Brewers and Phillies play in a nationally televised game. That’s far from being an ideal sort of situation as MLB struggles to find new ways to expand its audience.

Would you like to see just how bad some of Hernandez’s calls can be? Well, here you go, courtesy of Rob Friedman.

Angel Hernandez’s controversial calls in game between Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers get plenty of attention

And yeah, nobody at all is happy with this sort of performance from Hernandez. The good folks who reside in Milwaukee and Philadelphia definitely won’t be thrilled with the way Hernandez has impacted this game.

These calls are bad. Really bad. And it seems like Hernandez keeps finding new ways to make bad calls.

While the whole concept of MLB employing robot umps is something that is fairly controversial for many baseball fans, Hernandez and these horrible calls happen to make a pretty good argument for them.

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