MLB makes right call in Kyle Schwarber-Angel Hernandez incident

Kyle Schwarber erupted on umpire Angel Hernandez on Sunday night in a Phillies loss to the Brewers but MLB made the right call about a punishment.

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber lived out the likely dream of every MLB player in the modern era on Sunday night.

Umpire Angel Hernandez, perhaps the most infamous ump in baseball, was behind the plate for the Sunday Night Baseball matchup against the Milwaukee Brewers. Hernandez’s calls were questionable throughout the night but, late in the game when the Phillies were trying to spark a comeback when Schwarber was wrung up looking on a pitch outside the zone, the free-agent signing from this offseason couldn’t take it anymore.

Schwarber exploded on Hernandez in a hilarious yet appropriate display that saw him ejected. Because it was so animated and vocal, though, some wondered if the Philadelphia slugger would face a suspension. Thankfully, MLB sided with reason in not handing down any punishment of that nature.

Kyle Schwarber won’t be suspended for blowing up on Angel Hernandez

Frankly, it’s not hard to understand the league looking at the game that Hernandez called in relation to Schwarber’s reaction and saying, “We get it.”

What’s less understandable is for them to “get it” but continue to allow Hernandez to step up behind the plate or even take the field at all. He’s a laughingstock and punchline among baseball fans because he’s so unbelievably bad at his job. And Sunday night was just one of the only times a player has truly lost it on him as a result.

Regardless, it’s good that Schwarber won’t serve any suspension for his reaction. It was, frankly, warranted and the Brewers who were looking on in mild approval in primetime would likely agree with that as well.