Oh my Ja! Morant caught a body with the dunk of the year in NBA Playoffs [Video]

Ja Morant put on his cape and put Malik Beasley on a poster for the dunk of the NBA Playoffs and maybe the dunk of the year!

Ja Morant is no stranger to flying above the rim — in fact, you could argue that there are few guards in the NBA with the kind of hops that the Memphis Grizzlies star brings to the table.

Minnesota Timberwolves wing Malik Beasley found out about Ja’s bunnies the hard way in Game 5.

With the T’Wolves leading late in the third quarter, Morant saw a lane with the ball at the top of the key and made a beeline for the rim. Beasley unwisely thought he’d try to draw a charge. Instead, he was on the wrong end of a poster that will be shown on highlight-reels for years to come with a bonafide dunk of the year from Morant.


Ja Morant dunks all over Malik Beasley and NBA Twitter, athletes went wild

Skip Bayless, Patrick Mahomes, all of NBA Twitter and everyone were left losing their minds after that poster.

Unfortunately for the Grizzlies faithful, that dunk was only worth two points and they needed more than that. With the series tied at 2-2 heading into this game, Minnesota had been in control basically from the opening tip. Morant would need to don the cape in a bigger way to make sure they didn’t face elimination in Game 6.