Every NBA team’s most prolific dunker from the 2021-22 season

Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images
Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images /
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5. New York Knicks (431 total dunks) — Mitchell Robinson: 178 dunks

Mitchell Robinson finished the season third in total dunks among players, and his 178 dunks were just one behind Giannis for the second-most in the NBA. Out of all of the players on the top-100 total dunks list, Mitch Rob has the highest number of field goal attempts that were dunk attempts this season in a landslide: 58.3 percent of Robinson’s field goal attempts were dunks! For more context, the only other player above 50 percent was DeAndre Jordan at 53.8.

Obi Toppin’s 102 dunks deserve a shout out here as one of only 22 players in the entire league to record 100 or more dunks. Robinson and Toppin’s 280 combined dunks accounted for 65 percent of all Knicks dunks this season. Another fun fact: The Knicks actually had the fewest number of players on a roster to record a dunk of any one team with 13, and Cam Reddish only had one dunk as a Knick. (By gawd, that’s Thibs’ music!)