3 veterans Steelers could cut after 2022 NFL Draft

As the Pittsburgh Steelers have brought in some new players through the draft, they may find that they are interested in getting a few veterans off of their roster.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were able to get through the 2022 NFL Draft and make a few intriguing picks along the way. Not every pick looks amazing, but the Steelers did a decent job during the draft, all things considered.

Now, following the draft, Pittsburgh is moving on and working on becoming a relevant team once again. As the Steelers move forward, it’s probably wise for them to consider moving on from a few different players already on their roster.

Here are three players the Steelers could decide to cut from their roster.

2022 NFL Draft: 3 players Pittsburgh Steelers could cut following NFL Draft

No. 3: Benny Snell Jr.

After a solid career with the Kentucky Wildcats, Benny Snell Jr. really hasn’t been all that active of a contributor for the Steelers. After being drafted in 2019, Snell has only managed to get 892 rushing yards and six touchdowns on 255 carries. With Najee Harris seemingly taking over at running back and the Steelers going out and bringing in Mataeo Durant and Jaylen Warren as undrafted free agents, it seems unlikely that Pittsburgh absolutely must hold on to Snell to have success.

Cutting Snell wouldn’t have a sort of drastic impact on the Steelers’ financially as he only has one season remaining on his current contract, but it would free up space for another player who might be able to have more of an impact in the long run.

No. 2: Cody White

Despite the fact that he made his NFL debut last season, it’s clear that Cody White’s presence on this roster really hasn’t had much of an impact to Pittsburgh’s performance on the field. Granted, White hasn’t had many opportunities to make an impact.

There’s nothing wrong with Pittsburgh deciding to keep him to see if he can develop into a dangerous receiving option or a consistent special teams contributor, but the Steelers would probably be in decent shape if they decided to move on from White.

So far, White has played in 15 games, mostly making appearances in special teams settings. Given that Pittsburgh just picked up a couple receivers in the draft, it seems like there’s a chance that a player like White may unfortunately end up getting cut from the roster.

No. 1: Mason Rudolph

Between signing Mitch Trubisky and drafting Kenny Pickett, the Steelers now have a few different quarterbacks other than Mason Rudolph to ultimately move forward with.

The 26-year-old quarterback has played here and there for Pittsburgh when the Steelers needed him to and he hasn’t always seemed all that great while on the field. In 384 pass attempts dating back to 2019, Rudolph has thrown for 2,366 yards and 16 touchdowns, but he’s also thrown 11 interceptions in that same timeframe.

Given that Rudolph hasn’t exactly been all that productive or efficient, there’s certainly an argument for Pittsburgh to move on from him and let someone else have a shot at leading this offense. Unfortunately for Rudolph, that may ultimately mean that he gets cut by the Steelers.